Great looking rainbow

_DSC1483Great day on the Blue


The first fish of the new year!!


 Had a chance to take this gorgeous lady on the water!


 A nice spring buck!

                                 The journey that brought us to this beast was long and took many nights!!

This girl gave very little resistance just a few head shakes and she said please just net me!



 A great spring bow from this year! The colors are unreal



 Took a journey with the owner of Rep Your Water to a undisclosed location



 Nice buttery brown from the Dream Stream during the Summer



 What a great place! Cant get enough of this land so peaceful…


 Just a fat rainbow for the Eleven mile area!! Rocking the Rep your water

Trout Camo Sun Shield Gaiter and Limited edition Colorado Tout Camo hat..


 Great looking leopard rainbow! The spots are just endless…


How to Fly Fish with Goofy from 5280 Trout Hunters on Vimeo.



Tail Water Assassins from 5280 Trout Hunters on Vimeo.




THE LOVE FOR A RIVER WILL”NOT FADE AWAY” from 5280 Trout Hunters on Vimeo.




Instagram Trailer from 5280 Trout Hunters on Vimeo.